This was the most difficult project we ever completed.  Every artist, welder and engineer I know was on this project.  I honestly believe that we were the only company in the world that could have made this project work.  In true New York ad agency fashion, they took all the credit for the project without a single mention of Sustainable Waves.  They were relieved from the project and we did not get paid what we were owed.  I did receive a phone call from an engineer at GE wondering how we did it!


Sustainable Waves

We were asked by the Barbarian Group to build a solar powered carousel for SXSW.  We took a 1926 Carousel and completely rebuilt it in 3 weeks.  We painted the entire carousel white, replaced all the lighting with LED's and installed an electric motor from a failed electric truck project I had been working on.  We built a custom racking system that would allow us to transport and display the fragile thin film panels.  

Equipment & Events portfolio

Sustainable Waves ~ Solar Powered Sound & Staging